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Bat2Exe 2.1


Bat2Exe 2.1 [Latest]

Batch to Executable Converter (Bat2Exe) – Bat2Exe is a straightforward and straightforward utility that performs the task of converting batch files into executables. It is suitable for both advanced and average users.

Included are a few options that can be selected prior to the conversion.

It is not necessary to install or configure anything because the application is portable, so simply download and unzip the archive to the desired location after which you will be ready to use it. The interface is divided into two main tabs: a primary tab where you can mark some options and a secondary tab that contains the compile window.

The main option tab allows you to customize the executable by adding a custom icon and selecting between two different conversion methods. The developer provides three methods of compression in the Other Option box, namely LZMA, GZIP, and QUICKLZ, despite the fact that neither is explicitly stated. Other options include hiding the console when the executable is opened by the end user and hiding the console entirely. Prior to starting the compilation process, you can choose between two different obfuscation methods, namely alphabet and junk.

As soon as you have marked the specifications that you want, you can proceed to compiling the tool, which will take only a few seconds if everything goes smoothly. Speaking of the Compile tab, you will be pleased to know that the tool includes a log box that displays all changes that are being made, the files that have been selected, and whether or not the conversion was successful.

A straightforward and straightforward tool for converting BAT files to EXE files.

Keep in mind that the application can only handle a single file at any given point in the process. Consequently, it may not be the best option for an advanced user who wishes to make a large number of scripts more accessible to others, as it may necessitate a significant investment of time and effort.

If you want to convert your batch files into executables so that others who use your computer can use them for a variety of tasks, you might want to give Bat2Exe a chance to prove itself.

Bat2Exe.2.1.rar – 4.0 MB

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