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Directory List and Print Pro 4.18 [Portable]

Directory List and Print Pro 4.18 Portable [Latest]

In a nutshell, Directory List and Print Pro is a software tool for Windows that allows you to list and print the contents of any directory in the most straightforward manner. Additionally, the file lists can be formatted, filtered, and saved in a variety of file formats, as well as further processed (e.g., deleted, copied, and moved files). Because the lists can be copied to the clipboard, they can be exported to other programs or opened directly in Word and Excel after being copied. Compared to the Free Version (Freeware), which includes all of the essential features, the Pro Version (Shareware) includes a number of interesting additional features.


• Choosing which directories will be listed in a tree structure is an important consideration.

• Directory selection is accomplished by entering the path as a text string.

• The ability to drag and drop directories (or a file) from Windows Explorer to another location.

It has been integrated into the directory context menu of Windows Explorer, allowing users to "Open in Directory List" and "Print."

• Direct selection of important system directories such as "My Documents," "My Pictures," and so forth.

listing of subdirectories and/or files, with a loop through subdirectories as a result of the listing (recursion).

• You can choose whether to update the file list automatically or manually.

• The date of the most recent modification is displayed.

• The time of the most recent modification is displayed.

• The size of the file is displayed.

• The display of the file name with or without the directory path is optional.

This feature allows you to display file names with or without extension.

• An indication of the number of files and directories that have been added to the list

• Print a directory listing, as well as a corresponding list, directly from the computer.

• Copying the list to the clipboard will allow you to import it into other programs. The corresponding data will be organized in columns and separated by tabs so that the list can be pasted directly into Excel TM as a table without any additional formatting.

• The list can be opened directly in Microsoft WordTM and ExcelTM.

• Allows you to connect and disconnect network drives with ease.

• When the program is closed, the display options are automatically saved.

• Pass a directory path as a parameter when starting the program.

• This is a portable application, so there is no need to install it.

Directory.List.Print.Pro.4.18.Portable.rar – 15.9 MB

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