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ExamDiff Pro Master Edition [Portable]

ExamDiff Pro Master Edition Portable

ExamDiff Pro – is an easy-to-use program that allows you to quickly identify differences between two files, folders, directories, or even clipboard content using a simple drag-and-drop interface. When compared to other comparison programs, ExamDiff has a number of unique features that set it apart from the competition. ExamDiff Pro will prove to be a much more efficient and user-friendly method of comparing files and folders than other similar programs.

If you're a programmer or web developer who's comparing source code, syntax highlighting makes it simple to distinguish between different aspects of the program. ExamDiff Pro Master Edition includes complete Unicode support and is capable of properly comparing files in a wide range of different languages and dialects.


• It compares text files, binary files, and directories, among other things.

• Three-way diff and merge operations are performed.

• Draws attention to differences at the level of individual lines, words, or characters.

• Draws attention to the syntax of the document.

• Fuzzy line matching is a technique used to match lines that are not perfectly straight.

• The ability to recognize text blocks that have been moved.

• Directory synchronization that is automated.

• Line Inspector panel, which allows for quick identification of differences between lines.

• Adding manual synchronization points to text file comparisons is now possible.

• Allows you to compare directly from Windows Explorer (optional).

• Allows for file editing within the file comparison panes, if necessary.

• Provides the ability to copy, rename, and delete files and directories.

A standard UNIX DIFF file is created, or the differences are saved to a dynamic HTML web page.

• Different reports are printed and printed previews are printed.

• Quick and simple navigation through the distinctions.

• Searching capabilities that are more advanced.

• Support for dragging and dropping.

• Advanced Ignore options, which allow you to ignore things like capitalization, white space, programming-language comments, and other idiomatic phrases.

• The wrapping of words.

• The ability to use plug-ins.

• Support for dragging and dropping.

• It is possible to create directory snapshots for comparison purposes later on.

• This version includes complete Unicode support.

• Completely customisable.

ExamDiff. – 27.4 MB

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