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Hibit Uninstaller [Portable]

Hibit Uninstaller [Portable]
This user-friendly application allows you to completely uninstall programs and Store Apps by deleting any leftover files or registry entries left over after the removal process is completed. Some applications, in addition to making changes to files, also make changes to the Windows registry, which is referred to as the "brain of the computer." If you install and uninstall programs on a regular basis, you may come across a variety of files and empty folders that are left behind after a program has been removed from your computer. This, in addition to clogging up the hard drive, eventually has a negative impact on the PC's performance.

Remove programs from your computer, including any leftover files and registry entries.

Due to the fact that the "Add/Remove Programs" feature from Control Panel is not designed to automatically detect leftover files and registry entries, Microsoft has not yet implemented a comprehensive removal process for installed applications. In this case, you can rely on a third-party tool to perform the necessary tasks.

HiBit Uninstaller has a user interface that is similar to that of the Windows built-in uninstaller. When compared to it, however, it has additional features such as the ability to forcefully remove programs if the normal method fails, the ability to display the exact location of the program's registry keys, and more.

App uninstallation can be done manually or with force.

The utility is installed in a short period of time. It automatically detects installed programs upon startup and displays everything in a list, including the app name, the date and size of the installation, and any comments. If you select one of the criteria from the drop-down menus, the entries will be sorted accordingly. Alternatively, there is a search function available. When you select an app, you will see even more information, such as the version, the location of the installation, the registry entry, and the website.

When you right-click to open the context menu, a slew of options become available. In addition to the standard uninstall method, you can use force, which is an advanced method designed to scan for and remove leftover files and registry keys from your computer. Opening registry keys and installation folders, creating reports, and searching the web for information about an unknown program are among the additional options that are made available.

Additional tools for cleaning up and optimizing your hard drive

Management of Windows Store apps, removal of invalid entries from the registry, deletion of junk files to free up space, and elimination of empty folders and broken shortcuts are all possible with the help of additional tools. Furthermore, you can terminate running processes (in a manner similar to Windows Task Manager), as well as manage startup entries, services, drivers, scheduled tasks, and context menu items.

In the end, HiBit Uninstaller proves to be a thorough program uninstaller that, in addition to locating and removing leftover files and registry keys, includes additional tools for disk cleanup and optimization in addition to its other features.

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