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Mozilla Thunderbird 91.3.2

Mozilla Thunderbird 91.3.2 Free Download [Latest]

Mozilla Thunderbird – is an email client and RSS feed reader developed by Mozilla that is fully featured, extremely functional, and secure. With its attractive and straightforward interface, Thunderbird provides a very powerful email package that allows you to handle mail efficiently and with style. Thunderbird also filters out junk mail for you.

The following features are included: • Mail Account Setup Wizard • Personalized Email Addresses • One-Click Address Book • Attachment Reminder • Multiple-channel chat • Tabbed Email • Search the Web • Quick Filter Toolbar • Search Tools • Message Archive • Activity Manager • Large File Management • Add-ons Manager • Thunderbird Look & Feel • Smart Folders • Robust Privacy and Do Not Track protection • Phishing protection • Automated update

Mozilla.Thunderbird.91.3.2.rar – 105.4 MB

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