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PassMark PerformanceTest 10.1.1007 [Portable]


PassMark PerformanceTest 10.1.1007 Portable

PassMark PerformanceTest – is a useful application that allows you to determine if your PC is performing at its peak and compare your machine's performance to that of others.

There are twenty-five standard benchmark tests in six test suites, as well as five advanced benchmarking windows for custom benchmarking.

• Supports hyper-threading and multiple CPU testing • Detailed disk speed graphs • Comprehensive online help

• The ability to save your benchmark results to disk as a new baseline • The ability to print results

• A customizable "Notes" field for storing personal data alongside the saved Benchmark result.

• Export results to HTML, text, GIF, and BMP formats • Support for copying results to other applications (e.g. MS-Word)

• With a single mouse click, you can run a single test, a test suite, or all of your tests.

• The calculation of the PassMark Rating figure, as well as a summary 'Mark' figure for each test suite.

• A user-friendly point-and-click interface

• A screen with a summary of system information, such as the CPU type, speed, total RAM, video hardware, cluster size, and so on.

• The ability to compare your computer's performance to multiple 'Baseline' computers at once.

• Move the software with a flexible license.

PassMark.Performance.Test.10.1.1007.Portable.rar – 73.0 MB

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