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AlterPDF Pro 5.6 [Portable]

AlterPDF Pro 5.6 Portable

 AlterPDF Pro is well-known for its versatility, as it can be used to replace images, texts, graphics, and more, all in one file. The issue with them is that you'll almost always need to use third-party applications to do any kind of viewing or editing on this format, and most of these programs are either feature-deficient or resource-intensive. AlterPDF, a lightweight software solution for all of your PDF-related needs, is one such program.


• Convert a PDF file to an image. All or selected pages can be converted to image formats such as BMP, JPG, EMF, and TIFF.

• Create a PDF file from an image. You can use this tool to convert JPG to PDF and BMP to PDF.

• Extract text from a PDF document. The text content of the input PDF file(s) is extracted and saved in structured TXT format by this tool.

• Obtain images from a PDF document. The original image objects are extracted from a PDF file using this tool.

• Combine PDF files. You can use this tool to merge multiple PDF files into a single document.

• Split a PDF file. You can use this function to split a PDF document into multiple files.

• Change the order of the pages. In the PDF document, you can rotate desired pages and save as a new file.

• Reduce the size of PDF pages by cropping them. This tool creates a rectangular area on each PDF page and saves the result as a new document.

• Extract pages from a PDF document. It extracts pages from a PDF document and saves them as separate PDF files.

• Remove pages from the PDF document. Choose which pages in the PDF you don't want to see, and the program will take care of the rest.

• Protect PDF files with encryption. Any PDF document can be password-protected. In addition, user permissions can be set.

• Unlock password-protected PDF files

• Modify the metadata in PDF files. Set the title, author, subject, keywords, and other fields in the PDF document.

• You can print PDF files. Directly from the program interface, print output documents.

AlterPDF.5.6.Portable.rar – 16.2 MB

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