Battery Mode 4.2.0 Build 178 [Portable] -

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Battery Mode 4.2.0 Build 178 [Portable]

Battery Mode 4.2.0 Build 178 + Portable

 Battery Mode is a power management and battery charge indicator that is advanced. Power Management Modes let you select what you don't need right now, such as the duration of the performance or the battery life.


Convenient switching power: • Turn on "Energy Saving" and your laptop will last up to two times longer!

• Is there a productivity problem? Is it a retarding system? There aren't enough frames per second in games? To turn off all power-saving features and improve performance, select "high performance."

• Press the "Balanced" button to have the system control the power.

• There's no need to clamp the clever combination of keys to adjust the backlight. Simply open the Battery Mode and move the backlight slider to the desired position. Are you tired of your backlight hopping when you connect the charger or change your diet? Enable "Fixed screen brightness" in "Advanced Settings" to stop the lights from changing on their own!

Power users will appreciate these keyboard shortcuts: • Power Management Modes can be switched using the "hot keys" Alt + Pause.

• To switch modes in your scripts or programs, use the NextScheme utility program.

• To get help, type NextScheme *.exe -?

Download – 8.2 MB

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