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Bluecoins Finance App ( Premium Free )





When you grow up, it means you have made your own money to spend on your own life. Then you will know that in ordinary life there is so much to spend, especially in an era that is becoming increasingly difficult today. To have a stable life, you need to know how you should pay to make things more reasonable. But the fact is that most of these people do not know how to use the money they make appropriately.

If you are a spending problem, the Bluecoins application will be a tool to support you. This is the application to manage all your spending so you can get the best performance. This application will give users a lot of great features so that users can manage their friend’s money most effectively.

Managing money is a challenging thing, so users need this app to do it themselves. If this application is too confusing, users will also encounter a new problem, that is the problem of managing this application. Therefore, the application’s creative team designed the app with the most visible interface possible for users to quickly get used to the app.

Right from the start, users see their income, the pay, the amount they have, and a lot of other necessary information. Users do not need to spend too much time getting used to the application because this application will display all that the user needs with the most reasonable layout.

Users will provide the application with information such as how much a user ‘s income a month is and what amounts users need to spend for the app to analyze. The application will calculate and produce the most reasonable chart for users to easily observe. When a user spends something, the application will automatically subtract from it, and all will be carefully recorded for the user to manage.

Users will know how they have used money in the past to be able to have a more appropriate spending method. Users can save a lot of money, and the number of money users needs to spend each month will be reduced to a minimum. So users will get a lot of savings to use for other purposes or emergencies.

At the end of each month, the application will automatically create a statistic so that people can observe what was spent. These statistics will list everything related to money that users used last month. First will be income, how much money users have used in the past month.

Next is what the user has spent and what the purpose is for the user to pay. This application helps the user management will carefully record all. Users can also share these statistics via email for others to read. Even users can print these statistics to be easily stored.

 CALCULATOR VIEWWhen entering the amount, the app also shows a handy calculator, so if you want to put different cab bills together in a single entry, for example, you could just total them up directly at this point. On the right, the currency is shown in a big button.

Tapping that changes the currency for each transaction - so although my default currency is rupees, I can change it to dollars to match my spending, instead of having to do any conversions. In the settings you can mark it to remember the last currency used, which I've turned on, or you can have it switch to your default for every new transaction if you prefer.

THERE'S ALSO A TRAVEL MODE - this assigns the travel label by default to all new transactions. What's the benefit of this? If I had already been using Bluecoins at home, ahead of my travel, then I would have found this handy.

The way it works is to create a special label for when you're traveling, and then it automatically applies that label to all new entries. Then, if you want to see the money you've spent while travelling, you can just check by the label, rather than having to manually track entries.


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