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Macrorit Partition Expert 5.8.5 [Portable]

Macrorit Partition Expert 5.8.5 Portable

 Macrorit Partition Expert – allows users to easily expand the system partition, resize, move partitions, create, format, and delete partitions; it also features a unique data protection technology and the best data movement algorithm, ensuring the safety of all data and the fastest data partition moving speed.


• Convert an MBR disk to a GPT disk without losing data.

• Wipe any unallocated or free space.

• Reduced loading time and added splash.

• Convert primary to logical partitions without losing data and vice versa.

• Resize FAT partitions and change cluster sizes are supported.

• FAT32 partitions can be resized up to 2TB.

• FAT32 partitions up to 2TB can be formatted on large drives.

• Convert NTFS to FAT32 – Simple Method for Converting NTFS to FAT32 Partition

• Extend system partition – Fix your operating system's low disk space issue and keep it running normally.

• Resize and Move Partitions – Change the size and location of partitions as needed at a reasonable speed.

• Super-Fast Disk Defragmentation – Smart defrag works in the background while other disk partition operations are being processed.

• Wipe unallocated space, partitions, or the entire disk; create/delete/format partition(s).

• Perform a partition surface test and a hard disk check; copy partitions and migrate the operating system to a new hard drive.

• Support for disks larger than 2TB, with full 512Byte/1K/2K/4K sector support.

• And there's a lot more.

Macrorit.Partition.Expert.5.8.5.Portable.rar – 11.2 MB
Macrorit.Partition.Expert.5.8.5.Enterprise.WinPE.iso – 401.1 MB

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