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Vector 2 Premium - ( Unlimited Money )



Vector 2 Premium deserves a place in your Android phone. Overall evaluation of this game, I think it’s quite good. Simple but addictive gameplay, vivid graphic style. Background and plot are built in a world full of darkness and mystery, bringing the feeling of wanting to explore more for players. And finally, about the character movements, the NEKKI design team replicated the parkour movements beautifully. If you are a parkour lover, you can’t miss this game.

PAID BUT FREE : As you probably know, Vector 2 Premium is a paid game. It costs $ 1.99. Currently, Marval Appz offers you two versions including an APK file of the original game and a MOD version (Unlimited Money). You can download both files completely for free via the link below the article. If you just want to experience the original game, choose the first version.

The MOD version of Vector 2 Premium gives you lots of money. You can freely upgrade kits and buy in-game items.

Vector 2 Premium has lots of items to help you play better. For example, Magnetic Manipulator can suck all items within a radius of three meters, Adrenaline Surge to receive 40 bonus units for tokens collected in 6 seconds, Ultimate Chip Detector to increase 25% chance to find a Chip Laboratory data. And some other items used to convert to materials used to upgrade kits. You need them to go further in this game and you can find them when opening the upgrade kits.

the continuation of an incredible game about the parkourist, behind whom people from the scientific complex are chasing. Help your hero to go through all the difficulties and bypass all the traps, do everything that would not catch up with you. The game will surprise you with good graphics and magnificent destruction. And as a large number of levels and enemies, which will have to tinker. Animation in the game at the highest level, management implemented very convenient and intuitive, the game will appeal to all fans of runners.

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