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WinCatalog 2020 v8.0.1101 [Portable]

WinCatalog 2020 v8.0.1101 Portable

 WinCatalog – thanks to its built-in search engine, it can perform searches across the entire collection. Simply type in the file name, or use additional filters such as size, tags, location, and date to get more precise results. It features multi-tabbed support, which allows you to work on multiple searches at once. You can change the way it looks by switching between grid and thumbnail view modes.

WinCatalog is an excellent tool for users who need to locate documents on the go. It comes with a plethora of useful features that make the entire search process simpler and faster.


• Cataloging of all storage devices accessible from the Windows environment.

• Individual folders on disks can be cataloged.

• When scanning a disk, archive file descriptions are automatically extracted.

• Extraction of EXIF tags from digital photos is done automatically.

• Audio CD track names are retrieved from an Internet CD database.

• Non-file item support: it allows you to catalog your books, videos, and even stamps and coins!

• Each item (disk, folder, or file) has its own set of comments.

• Drag'n'Drop functionality for managing your collection between virtual folders.

• To improve search relevancy, each item is linked to a set of keywords.

• You can search the catalog by file name, comment, keywords, date, and size.

• Extensive search capabilities, including the ability to use AND, NOT, OR, and wildcard operators.

• Searching the entire catalog or a specific disk is possible.

• The previously entered comments and keywords are preserved when the disk data is updated.

• Ability to delete unnecessary files and folders from the catalog.

• Ability to export and import collection parts as well as a contact list.

• The ability to produce reports.

• Ability to create HTML reports that can be emailed, published on the web, or printed.

• Ability to export any folder to a.CSV file (comma separated values) for use in MS Excel or other spreadsheet programs.

• The ability to automatically open the most recent catalog when the app is launched.

• The user interface is multilingual.

WinCatalog.8.0.Portable.rar – 93.3 MB

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