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Shazam MOD APK 12.14.0-220303 (Paid for free)
Shazam premium
App Name Shazam
Publisher Apple, Inc.
Category Music & Audio
Size 23 MB
Latest Version v12.14.0-220303
Mod Info Full Premium Unlocked
Google Play Google_Paly_Store
Last Update March 10, 2022


Music plays a vital role in our life, and we can’t simply live without music these days. Music Tracks are the smallest size of entertainment, ending up to 12 Megabytes in size. You won’t believe it, but over 97 million songs are recorded yet on our planet, and now these numbers are grasping higher speed every day! We know that you can simply download these songs with any song streamer nowadays. But what if you loved a track somewhere in a Mall or at your Barber’s salon and struggling to find it?

Gone are the days when you were reckoned to ask from the guys for the ongoing music track! Nowadays, We’ve got the technology, and all we need is Android apps for completing all our desired tasks. And for this stuff, You need Shazam! Shazam is the Android+iOS smartphone application, which grasps the song on going somewhere, and tells you its name just by your enabled Microphone.

It’s impeccable since the technology used here isn’t there on the entire Smartphone or PC’s app store. Moreover, We’re also delivering you the modified version of Shazam, named Shazam MOD APK! Inside this version, You can grasp all your song titles without any ad interruption or Google’s security aspects! Download Shazam MOD APK ASAP from the below link!

Grasp the name of all your favorite songs with a single click on Shazam

Have you got amazed by the music you heard at Shopping Mall, and wanna know its name without asking from the Control Room! If Yes, you’re currently at the right place, as here we’re delivering the Shazam app. For those, who don’t know about Shazam, It’s an Android app that you can employ for grasping your favorite song’s name just by hearing it via your phone’s Microphone.

Yeah, You heard right! You won’t need any considerable setup for doing this, and all you require is this small app to click the Shazam button and incredibly find the song name. Isn’t it great? There are more such epic features inside Shazam, so go below and get through it ASAP!

Play all your discovered songs with the external online music streamers

First thing, Shazam isn’t online music streaming application, and consequently, it only grants you the single lyric of your discovered song. After that, If You want to hear that song entirely, You need to go back inside your desired music streaming app like Spotify, Gaana, or YouTube Music and listen to it there.

As a plus point, the Shazam app offers you the “Play With” privilege! After having this privilege, you aren’t needed to get back inside your aspired online music streaming platform and search for the title you grasped there. All You need here is to Click the Play With button, and you’ll find the list of all the installed apps, like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. Just click it, and get redirected to your favorite app, and listen to it!

Discover the global and city charts with all the world-favorite tracks

Do You want to listen to your internationally favorite songs? Yeah, the songs aspired by all the humans! If Yes, the Shazam app can help you with the Global and City Charts. Either if you’re living anywhere, You can select your country, city, or International radio and listen to the most searched tracks on Shazam from your location.

Apart from your own country and the International radio, You can also switch the exceptional charts like New York City Chart, Los Angeles Chart, Moscow Chart, Paris Chart, Rome Chart, London Chart, and Berlin Chart for more exceptional tracks that you never heard. So start listening to something new every day; Switch to SHAZAM!

Shazam is the only Music Track name grasper inside the entire world app stores! There is no other Android or iOS app developed yet to beat the service offered by Shazam. It’s a feature-rich smartphone solution, discovered to tell you about the tracks you love.

Again as the most treasured privilege, Shazam organizes a recommended list for all the global listeners. This feature makes Shazam more convenient than the Online Music Streaming platforms, as here you can listen to the best recommendations, based on your microphone search or simply your song taste! Don’t wait for a single more minute and download Shazam ASAP!

Enjoy the world-class features inside the premium version freely

We’ve covered all the features offered inside the official Shazam app, but there is simply no Android application with no need for online payments! Additionally, Shazam is providing you with a service that any other developer does not yet offer. So, you can’t clear a few drawbacks, like the enabled Analytics, a few advertisements, and a single language interface, unbearable for most smartphone users!

But Shazam MOD APK can help you in clearing them all! The modified version is the premium version of Shazam, offering you the Ad-free interface and convenient usage without charging you a dollar. You can download Shazam MOD APK from the below download link and enjoy the most impressive features free of charge!

Both the most used languages are now embedded in the modification

Shazam MOD APK is the modified version of Shazam’s official app, and consequently, it offers you all the features that the official version lacks. The first and the most aspired quality is languages. If You’re practicing the official version, You can only use the English app interface, where the Shazam MOD APK delivers you two different languages, English and Russian. The Plus point for all the Russian music streamers is here, Download Shazam MOD APK and start convenient streaming!

Deeply optimized the speed and graphics of Shazam on this app

Again as the most aspired feature by all the Shazam lovers, Shazam MOD APK has added the optimization inside the app speed. Now You won’t ever get annoyed with the Shazam service, as here you can download Shazam MOD APK and enjoy the interface on any Android smartphone, either while having low configuration!

Search all your favorite songs without any advertisement interruption

Advertisements are the most annoying interruptions inside every online music or video streaming service. Similarly, the Shazam official app also contains online advertisements, and most of the time, it interrupts the listeners with video ads while searching for their favorite music track. Don’t worry, and download Shazam MOD APK! This modified version will offer you a 100% ad-free app interface without charging a single cent. Get ready for creating the interruption-free music searching setup!

Finally, Untied from the Google Services and disabled analytics

Google Services and Analytics takes some data like recommendations and music taste from your smartphone with Android applications like Shazam! Many times, it feels insecure since Google has got the entire holding on our data! So stop worrying, and download Shazam MOD APK! The modified version is untied from Google Services and has disabled the analytics, after which your data is 100% secure from both Apple’s Shazam and Google’s Android!

Final Verdict

Do You want to enjoy all those songs you heard at the places where you can’t get their lyrics or title? If Yes, Below You can download the modified version of the most impressive Android app Shazam, named Shazam MOD APK! The revised version is more futuristic than the official one and contains more special privileges like the ad-free interface and disabled analytics. So stop using the official version and download Shazam MOD APK ASAP!

Download Shazam MOD APK v12.14.0-220303 (Full Premium Unlocked)

VSCO MOD APK v259 (Premium Pack Unlocked+All Filters)
vsco mod apk download all filters unlocked
App Name VSCO
Publisher VSCO.
Category Photography
Size 85 MB
Latest Version v259
Mod Info Premium Unlocked/Ads-Free
Google Play Google_Paly_Store
Last Update March 07, 2022


We’ve finally got technologized and fronted with hundreds of helping advancements. Nowadays, We can perform almost all our tasks directly on our 170-200 gm weighing smartphone. We don’t need bulky PCs or to carry a 2KG laptop for making technological changes. Either if it’s the editing stuff, advanced gaming, online payment, or daily accounting – We won’t need giant stuff anymore. If You love editing photos and videos and finding the best Android application to help you out of this trouble, You need VSCO!

VSCO is an Android+iOS application that is brilliantly designed with all the vital editing tools and a massive collection of resources. Moreover, It’s an individual platform for both of your tasks, Photo and Video Editing! You can download VSCO from Google Play Store or any website to enjoy the fantastic tools and the brilliant interface free of charge! Enjoy Editing!

Enjoy the advanced Photo and Video Editing with VSCO Editor

Photo Editing and Video Editing seem the most challenging task for most enthusiasts, and that’s why these guys post all their clicks without any editing! If You’re also such a guy and got disrupted a lot with this thing, You need VSCO Photo and Video Editor. It’s the most convenient solution for all your problems, answering all your questions!

You can download this app on both Google Play Store and the iOS App Store! It’s a superficially ranked Android app, containing over 1 Million ratings, covering 4.1-star on the Google Play Store. So Download this app instantly from any source and shine like a star on all your social platforms! Additionally, If You want to get more advanced, You can download the modified version listed below with the download link! Must try it once!

Implement all your tools with a convenient app interface

App Interface is the primary factor inside the Editing applications, impacting lots of designers and ordinary users. Often, the guy visiting a web or app-based tool doesn’t know much about the photo and video editing tools. So It becomes challenging for that guy to implement a theory and create the best designs.

Eventually, VSCO Photo & Video Editor app offers you a convenient app interface, after which you can merely employ the tools with all their information and make the advanced creations on your first try! So stop struggling on Udemy Courses; Just install VSCO in your smartphone and ride editing most funnily!

The modified version is back with all the newest features and premium sub

Subscription is the genuine part of the VSCO Photo and Video Editor. There is no editing application on the Google Play Store, which provides you with professional tools free of charge! Consequently, VSCO charges 1700.00 INR every year for offering you premium resources, a preset library, early access to new features, professional tools, and many more advancements.

What we’re doing is offering you an Android application embedded with the premium membership plan of VSCO free of charge. It’s the modified application, named VSCO MOD APK, containing the free premium membership for eternity! Yeah, You heard right! You can download the app from the below-most link and enjoy the free editing stuff for an unlimited duration! Enjoy!!

Download the free premium app and enjoy 200+ presets free of charge

VSCO Photo & Video Editor MOD APK is about to grant you the most impressive feature you all are looking for these days – Free Premium Membership.

For those of you who’re in need of a good video and photo editor on your Android devices, you’ll find yourself relatively satisfied with this awesome app of VSCO: Photo Video Editor. Feel free to dive into awesome video editing and photo retouch experiences that would allow you pick up a whole world of creativity on your mobile devices.

Feel free to have fun as you cruise through the awesome world of photography and video editing in VSCO. Enjoy the simple and extremely accessible features that would allow you to completely immerse into the in-app experiences. Express yourself with the brilliant features of visualizations as you perform all kinds of customizations on your images and photos.

Find out more about the awesome mobile app from VSCO with our reviews.

What does it do?

As you could have guessed, VSCO is a convenient mobile app that offers amazing features for you to fully customize your photos and videos. Here, you can enjoy amazing experiences as you take your creativity and artistry to the extreme with the awesome features that the app offers.

Feel free to make uses of the awesome photography features as you easily customize any images and videos of your choice. Choose between dozens of exciting visual effects and interesting presets that’re only available on the app to beautify any of your images with ease.

In addition, with VSCO, Android users will also have their chances to fully immerse into the amazing world of creative videos and photos that were created by other users. Join the awesome online community as you explore the amazing mobile app to the fullest. Get inspired with others’ brilliant works and attempt to create your own awesome videos.

Have it completely unlocked with our mod

And last but not least, if you’re finding your free version of the app isn’t quite enjoyable, you might want to go for the modified version of VSCO on our website instead. Here, you can have fun with the completely unlocked and free in-app experiences without having to pay anything. Just download the VSCO Mod APK on our website, follow the provided instructions, and you should have your devices up and running. Feel free to make uses of all the available features from basics to advances as you enjoy making your amazing images.

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Spotify Premium v8.6.94.306 APK + MOD (Unlocked/Final)
spotify mod apk rexdl
App Name Spotify
Publisher Spotify Ltd.
Category Music Audio
Size 75 MB
Latest Version v8.6.98.900
Mod Info Premium Unlocked/Mega Mod
Google Play Google_Paly_Store
Last Update January 20, 2022


Online Music Streaming service has become one of the most popular music listening methods nowadays. These services originated about 20 years ago as Napster, and right now, they are handling billions of users with their unusual features. Music streaming services offer their users a vast catalogue of audios. Nowadays, a lot of Online Music services are streaming, such as Spotify MOD APK, Youtube Music, Gaana, SaavnJio, Hungama, and much more.

Among all these Music Streaming services, Spotify Apk is one of the best services in terms of audio collection, audio quality, features, and around each field. Even if you’re a creator, you will definitely like Spotify’s originator features.

For experiencing the most high-grade music quality, enormous features, Spotify’s original content, and zero virtual ads, you need to subscribe to Spotify Premium Plan first, which costs about 119.00 INR monthly. But most of the students and professionals can’t afford this much amount only for streaming music which they can download free of cost through some websites. So for our users, today we’re here with the Spotify Premium APK which will provide you Premium subscription for Spotify free of cost.

About Spotify

Spotify was created in 2006 in Sweden and staggered the whole music industry by providing DRM-restricted music albums, podcasts, and a lot of videos free of cost. When Apple iTunes was providing music damn costly, they started offering free music and gained a lot of users. Till now, Spotify has acquired over 232 million users worldwide, among whom, over 100 million users are the premium subscribers of Spotify. Spotify contains over 50 million audio tracks as well as millions of unusual podcasts.

Spotify holds a lot of impeccable features if you’re a premium user or have paid for the subscription such as Zero interruption by ads, auto playlists as per your music taste, premium sound quality, and unlimited skips per day. But before spending money, must give Spotify MOD APK a chance for proving its skills and you will definitely fall in love with this app.

spotify mod apk rexdl

Spotify MOD APK is just a modified application of the official Spotify app in which you will get the premium subscription already enabled which means that you won’t have to spend plenty of money for its subscription.

Even you don’t have to worry about the interface since this app will provide you with the same ditto interface as of the official Spotify application. If you’re worried about the security and privacy of your phone, this application is successfully monitored by our technical team, and it’s 100% virus-free. This app can work on any android device over Android 4.4.

Spotify Subscription Plans

Spotify offers four types of subscription plans which vary in terms of features, price, and usage. When you first download the Spotify app, you will get the default-free plan activated in it. This plan comes with so many limitations, such as a lot of advertisements, poor sound quality, only six song skips per day, and much more. But after that, you can choose any subscription plan as per your usage. We’ve listed all the premium plans below with the entire information about them –

Individual – This is the best plan for beginners and if you want single access to Spotify premium. With this subscription, you can listen to ad-free music as well as you can download unlimited offline music. This plan will cost you 119.00 INR monthly or 1189.00 INR yearly. You will also get per-day plans starting from 13.00 INR.

Duo – Duo plan will provide you with the same features as the Individual plan, but the only difference between both of these plans is no. of users. As per this subscription, up to 2 users can use this subscription at a time but you can only share this subscription with your family member or a person living with you in the same place. The duo plan worths 149.00 INR per month and won’t provide any yearly exceptions.

Family – This plan offers HD quality music, an unlimited number of skips, and an ad-free experience with access to 6 users at the same time. But all six users must live beneath the same roof, and kids can also access the Spotify kids app and find appropriate content for them. This subscription will cost you 179.00 INR per month.

Student – If you’re a student, you can avail of a grand exception by your College or University identity card. You can get these enormous features at just 59.00 INR per month only by uploading your identity card to Spotify.

Features of Spotify Premium APK

1. Ad-free music streaming

One of the best features Spotify Premium MOD apk providing is no ad interruptions. Since in today’s operating life, no one wants to get stuck between ads since music is the best part of everyone’s life, and no one wants to waste their time in between advertisements. You can enjoy each of your favourite tracks, podcast, or premium content without any ad interruption.

2. Premium Sound Quality

Spotify’s music quality is based on money since Spotify classifies its users as paid or unpaid. If you’re new to Spotify or the free plan user of Spotify, you will receive up to 160 kbps sound quality. But after using this app, you will experience an outstanding sound quality of up to 320 kbps which you can clearly notice after switching through the free account without paying a single penny.

3. Unlimited Music Skips

Switching to Spotify Premium MOD APK means receiving unlimited skips since you can skip songs unlimited times by this app while in the free account, you will only get six skips per day. It’s the most desired feature of every user having a Spotify Free account, which you can experience free of cost in the app we’re providing you in this article. So from today, you won’t get forced ever to listen to any unwanted song.

4. No Root Required

There are enormous modified or hacked Spotify application in the market which needs root access to operate and unleash each feature effectively. But for handling this application is damn comfortable since you won’t have to root your phone or breach its security level. Also, you will get a beautiful user interface that is easily accessible to a 5th-grade student too.

5. Unlimited Offline Download

With the Spotify MOD APK, you can download as many songs as you want since there isn’t any limit to downloading songs in this app. You will get a virtual space for downloading songs in Spotify, and you can listen to them offline anytime you want. But if you switch to another app or uninstall the Spotify premium app, the offline data will get deleted automatically.


Spotify MOD APK is offering enormous features if we compare it to the other music streaming services. There are too many outstanding features in Spotify Premium MOD APK since it can provide you with excellent music quality as well as a variety of rare tracks. It will also provide you with an immense quantity of its original content which is damn creative. After using this app, you won’t have to create favourite song playlists since Spotify will automatically do that for you and provide you with pre-selected tracks of your choice.

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Truecaller Premium MOD APK 12.17.7 (Gold Unlocked) for Android
Truecaller Premium MOD APK
App Name Truecaller
Publisher Truecaller.
Category Communication
Size 92 MB
Latest Version v12.17.7
Mod Info Gold Unlocked/Ads-Free
Google Play Google_Paly_Store
Last Update March 07, 2022


Technology is becoming modern every day and getting advanced with AI and other generations. Nowadays, people can connect with each other in enormous ways such as instant messaging, video calling, internet calling, and much more. Now, even if you’re out of the sim account or secondary balance, you can directly call someone by a wi-fi connection if your mobile phone is wi-fi calling advanced. So in this advanced generation, people can gain information about anything instantly by their mobile in just one tap. They only need resources appropriate to the task they wanna do. Truecaller is one of these outstanding resources which can work as a platform or a bridge between data and user. Truecaller can help you in accessing information about the unknown guy who is calling you. You can get information like his name, location, opening and closing hours(for business guys), email-id, and the complete address.

Truecaller is one of the best Caller ID, SMS, and call blocking applications available on the Google Play Store. There are millions of active users on the Truecaller application who are using premium subscriptions of Truecaller. Basically, this app helps in managing all your calls and messages as well as filtering them as per cellular company and personal logs. But the essential job of this application is to providing information about the unknown people calling on your mobile number. Truecaller grants you all the information in the format of a caller ID which contains the name, location city, mobile number, last call log, and active or busy status about the person next to you on call.

Truecaller is a damn useful application since you can call anyone directly from this app, acquire all the essential information about anyone just by entering his number. You can obtain data like his name, location, email address, active status, call logs, and much more. Moreover, this application is holding a damn comfortable user interface so that you can easily download and use this app. You can also make this application as your default caller and messenger app for a better experience. You can also send messages to anyone directly by the Truecaller app. But with all these advantages, there is still one demerit in this app since for using all the premium subscriptions of this app you must need to pay for its subscription first. Most of the features are locked in the free version of Truecaller such as you can’t get info about who has seen your profile, call recording, unlimited number of searches, and much more.

So for providing you with all these premium features of Truecaller with the Gold badge free of cost, today we’re here with the modified application of the Truecaller App – Truecaller Premium APK. With the help of this application, you can get access to the premium subscription of the Truecaller app free of cost. Also, you’ll receive a lot of additional features with this application, such as no advertisement, etc. So download this application right now and enjoy all the premium features of this Caller ID app with zero interruptions.


Truecaller is an android application that comes in the communication category. It’s one of the best Caller ID applications on the Google Play Store since, in all communication category apps, Truecaller is trending as the #1 top-grossing apps. It was released on 31st May 2012 by the True Software corporation, and right now, it’s holding 500,000,000+ total downloads with 13,000,000+ positive user reviews. Still, after over 13 million user reviews, this application is rated as 4.4 * rating, which is lit. Well, this service has 200 Million+ monthly active users, as well as over five countries, are using the Truecaller application as their default calling and messaging app. In all these countries, India is no. 1 since if we look at the total traffic on Truecaller, there is 55% Indian traffic.

Truecaller provides a lot of exceptional features that every calling and messaging apps doesn’t have such as caller location, auto-blocking spam calls, Caller ID, Caller other contact details, and much more. You can also know about the details of any person just by their mobile number like their location city, email address if they’ve registered, their name, and much more. Truecaller also provides you with a flash message feature by which you can send someone texts instantly as per your internet access, same as Whatsapp and Facebook. Moreover, you can also get details about call logs, the status of the next guy – active or on-call, as well as, you can also send or receive money by Truecaller embedded UPI feature. Truecaller is an all-rounder application since after installing it, you won’t need any other app since it can work as a caller, messenger, contacts app, Caller-ID, UPI app, QR Scanner, and much more.

Truecaller Premium APK

Before Truecaller, there wasn’t a single effortless method to find phone numbers beside you wanted to waste hours exploring the web or asking friends about information or numbers. But now with this advanced technology, you can use the Truecaller app and search easily about any mobile number and do much more. Nevertheless, still, there are immense premium features in the Truecaller application, which you can only access after subscribing to its premium subscription. Basically, this premium subscription costs from 30.00 INR to 5000.00 INR based on features, usage, and duration. But today we’re here to take you out of all these troubles by providing you with a modified variant of Truecaller named Truecaller Premium APK.

Truecaller Premium APK is one of the most trustworthy modified variants of the Truecaller app since it’s 100% virus-free. You don’t have to worry about your phone’s security and data while surfing this application since our professional team has already tested this application on several devices. Moreover, this application comes with a brilliant user interface which is ditto same as the official Truecaller app. So must give this app a try and you’ll definitely love it.


Gold Caller ID

The significant feature of this modified application is, you can turn on the gold caller ID in this app which will change the total interface of the app as well as the caller ID. You’ll receive a gold Caller ID for everyone calling you and the persons whom you are calling. Gold caller ID is one of the best features of the Truecaller Premium APK since it is worth 5000.00 INR.

Spam Blocking

Truecaller is the most reliable android application since it can deal with everything you need. It can also help you in blocking spam calls and messages. You can turn on the Spam block mode in your Truecaller Premium APK settings and can easily block all the Spam calls as well as you’ll also get a section for all listing the spam calls. It’s one of the best applications for filtering your calls based on Important and Spam.

No ads

No advertisement interruption is the best thing everyone likes in modified applications since no one can bear interference by ads while doing some important work and also at the time of entertainment. Being stuck in the advertisement is the worst feeling of every free user in the Truecaller application. So it’s a brilliant feature of the Truecaller Premium MOD APK to provide you with no ad interface so that you can use this app comfortably without any interruption.

Read and Reply

It’s the newest feature of the Truecaller application that you can only use in the Truecaller Premium APK. By enabling read and reply traits in the Truecaller settings, you can make Truecaller auto-responding to your text messages as per your desire. You can edit message replies for each user on their messaged keyword. Must try this feature in Truecaller Premium APK at least once.

Who viewed my profile(unlimited)

Over 200,000,000 users are using the Truecaller app on a daily basis as their default calling and messaging app. So if anyone is searching for your account by mobile number, you’ll get a notification in this app containing their name and information. So that you can simply know about the guy gathering information about you.

Call Recording

Call Recording is one of the most unusual features of the Truecaller Premium APK since with hundreds of phone calls daily it’s understandable if you don’t catch every single detail. Call recording feature lets you replay saved audio files to make sure you haven’t missed any details. So from now, you don’t have to download any additional third-party app for recording calls.


Notwithstanding the costlier price related to the other Caller ID applications, Truecaller Premium is a damn powerful application with great features. It’s an all-rounder application since you can use it to make phone calls, sending messages, call recording, blocking spam calls, making payments, filtering calls, and do many other tasks. Moreover, you can also use this premium application for viewing users’ profiles individually without any ad interruption. Additionally, this android application is 100% secure, so you don’t have to worry before providing it with permissions for making calls and messages. So download this app right now and enjoy it. Still, if you’ve any questions in your mind, then please inscribe them in the comment box below.

Pure Tuber: Block Ads on Video MOD APK (Background Play/AD-Free)
App Name Pure Tuber: Block Ads on Video
Publisher Pure Tuber Studio.
Category Video Editor
Size 16 MB
Latest Version v3.3.16.101
Mod Info Premium/Ads-Free
Google Play Google_Paly_Store
Last Update February 08, 2022


Hello, friends. Today we are going to discuss the Pure Tuber Mod Apk. All of you must have heard about Youtube and used this app, and then you must be thinking about what Pure Tuber is and the new feature in it. So let’s start today. We will tell you about the pure Tuber Mod Apk and its features.

Today’s era is of the internet, and we all use the internet for things like watching movies, web series or working. We all know how important the internet is today. If there is no internet, it seems like a little less of a life. If we get some time from work, we like to watch videos on YouTube, but the ads bother us. So let me tell you about an app that will solve all your problems.

Nowadays, we have to entertain ourselves by staying at home. So in this way, we pass our time by watching web series, movies, etc.We all know how famous YouTube is in the entire world. YouTube has been downloaded in the billions. Everyone likes to watch YouTube. Many viewers and channels have increased on YouTube, so we get to see so many ads. Due to this, your videos get stopped, and you get disturbed and get very angry. But don’t worry, friends, because the Pure Tuber app is for you.

Here, you can watch unlimited ad-free videos. You can watch your favourite videos on this app without stopping, and you can subscribe to your favourite channels and watch your favourite songs, movies, comedy videos, and study videos on this app. The best thing about this app is that you can play the video in the background, and you can also use any other app on your mobile at that time.
Pure Tuber Mod Apk:

When we watch videos on YouTube, many ads come in one video, and we get upset by skipping those ads. And when we watch the video on high resolution, buffering starts, and we cannot watch the video well. And we do not open any other app while watching the video. Are we tired of all these reasons? But all these problems have been solved by one app.

If you watch daily videos on YouTube, it is very useful for you.
Pure Tuber Mod Apk provides ad-free video, and here you can change the theme of your mind and play your video in the background. With this app, you can enjoy your favourite song, video, movie, or short video in high resolution. You can choose your video resolution here if you like.

People buy premium subscriptions on YouTube because of the many advertisements, but you don’t need to buy anything in the pure tube here; everything is free. Here you will not see any ads.

You can watch your favourite song with high-quality sound without any disturbance. Pure Tuber Apk provides premium services. So why are you waiting to download this amazing app?

Play the video in the background

The most frustrating aspect of YouTube is that you cannot do anything else while the video is playing, such as sending a message or doing other work. And if your screen is turned off, the video also stops.

So, friends, there is nothing to worry about. You get all these features in the pure tube. In this app, you can watch your video in the background, and you can also chat with anyone simultaneously. Then you can do your other work too.

Watch the video without any ads

Everyone watches videos. Some watch study videos, some watch comedy videos, and some overlook the videos for knowledge on YouTube, but they are very well advertised on YouTube. But this pure tuber provides an ad-free service.
The best thing about this app is that you can watch YouTube videos directly without any ads. This app blocks all advertisements that appear in the video. You can watch your favourite videos non-stop. You will not bother with advertising at all.

Play high-definition video

We all know how important video quality is to us. If the video quality is not good, it is not fun to watch it. Since the internet has become cheaper, we have become used to watching high-quality videos. But sometimes, we have to watch the video at low speed when we don’t get the option to set the resolution.
You can watch videos in high resolution in this app, and you can set the resolution of each video as you wish. You can watch videos from 360p to 4K in this app. If your internet connection is good, then you can enjoy high-resolution videos.

A beautiful interface

The interface of this app is very simple and easy to use. With this, you can easily search for any video. You will find many videos on the home page according to your search. You can customise it according to your likings, like colour change and many more. You will not face any kind of problem with this beautiful interface.

excellent search engine

You have a problem with searching in many apps; you cannot search for your favourite video. However, full Tuber is an app that allows you to easily search for your videos. You just have to go to the search box and type in your favourite video; then, you can easily find your video.

Very easy Login and logout system

If you log in, you will get many features unlocked, and then you can take advantage of all the features. You will find it very easy. You can log in with your Google account and then, after a successful login.

You can enjoy features like liking videos, subscribing to your favourite channels, and creating your playlists. Also, you can see your search history and watch it.

Enjoy Offline Videos:

If you are busy with your work and cannot watch your online video, you can download that video through this. After downloading the video, you can also set the quality of the video. And you can enjoy your video offline. You can download your video and watch it comfortably with your friends and family members.


There is a lot of advertising on YouTube and other apps. The most significant problem is that people have to see an advertisement before the video. The ads bother us a lot. So, in such a situation, you can download “Real Tuber.” You can watch your video without any ads. Today we know about all its features, so do not wait; download this app now. You will not face any problems downloading this app. You will find the link below.

Spotify Lite MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)
Spotify Lite MOD APK
App Name Spotify Lite
Publisher Spotify AB.
Category Music Audio
Size 30 MB
Latest Version v1.9.0.8263
Mod Info Full Unlocked
Google Play Google_Paly_Store
Last Update February 07, 2022


Spotify Lite MOD APK is the best way to listen to songs of high quality. Already Spotify application available in Google Play Store with colossal size. This is a simplified version from the application developer. Most of the people in the world love to listen to songs every day. There are many music applications available on Android. But no one application is available, like Spotify. Yeah, Spotify is a significant source to contain all sounds and music. This is one of the excellent music applications and allows the user to feel the best music experience. The developer team copyrights every available song. So no other music platform contains new songs. Every release of new songs, those songs are faster to release in this application.

If the song is first released globally, it will not come with high quality. But Spotify Lite MOD APK exclusive songs are available with top quality. The users feel the fantastic music experience. Spotify covers all features and songs, but it’s not compatible with all devices. So the main reason to application developer made the lighter version of all devices. This ver has support advice configurations. Also, it allows listening to music in a new way. With the internet connection, search for new songs and listen to your favorite songs. In addition, this lighter version plays the songs in low network coverage.

Significantly lighter version for Android

Spotify Lite MOD APK comes with under 20MB with support for all Android devices. The main version takes up to 150MB+ storage after installation. But this considerable size is not compatible with low-end devices—the application developer plan to remove the unwanted features and provide the simplified feature in this lite version. Currently, available features are provided with very simple. But removed features do not affect the songs. Same all songs and sounds are available as the main version.

Discover new music

Spotify Lite MOD APK allows the user to can play all the songs in multiple languages. Most of the songs now come with lyrical. These lyrics came from Musixmatch. Spotify and Musixmatch collapsed for songs lyrics. Every new song and old song has played with lyrics mode. Also, perfect timeline, the lyrics have been cored with white. So users can make it easier to understand the current timeline lyrics of the songs. The search button appears at the top of the device screen. Use the search icon to explore new songs. You can type song name, artist name, and more. Most of the famous music artists joined the Spotify network. They will directly launch the songs into the Spotify network. So follow and listen to the specific artist’s songs in this application.

Day by da new songs has been released globally. But most people don’t know how to listen to songs. Don’t worry. Download Spotify Lite MOD APK to listen to all the latest songs with high quality. Also launched famous songs appear in the home section of the application. In addition, a notification will inform you about the newly launched song. This is an excellent feature of this application. Spotify is the king of providing music and songs to users. The developer copyrights all songs. Anywhere, you can listen to songs without any interruption. Unlimited songs are available, so you feel an endless music experience—24 hours music streaming online without interrupt.

After listening to songs in Spotify Lite MOD APK, the application started to analyze your favorite songs. Once you play the song on your mobile, the application finds related songs. It will automatically suggest the best and suitable songs for you. after analyzing the songs, the application recommends songs related to genre, artists, and year of releases to you. Also, the songs are mentioned with recommended songs. Some people try to search for songs queries like hot songs, travel songs, and more queries. Yeah, many query-related songs appear with playlists style. In the playlist section, searched query songs appear.

Control mobile data

Everyone does not have a WIFI connection in their home. Most of us use mobile data for our online works. So the main reason for Spotify Lite MOD APK added a control mobile data feature for all users. Use this feature to set your monthly mobile data limit. After selecting the limit of data, the application provides the songs in chosen data quantity. It offers all songs with a small data size, and it will come up to one month with limited data. This is a fantastic feature from the application developer—two hats off to the application developer providing this mobile data control feature to the users. Up to six options are currently available in the limited data section. 250MB, 500MB, 750MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 3GB. Used and remaining data usage has appeared with scalable design.


Spotify Lite MOD APK comes with there are many features with high advantages. Play the favorite songs, artists songs with higher quality. From the discover section, explore the newly launched songs. Many pre-made playlists are waiting for new users. Tiny application and quickly installed on the device. Songs play in low internet connection with smoothly. Analyze the storage space used, cache used, and data network used counts. Support on all Android devices and no limitation version. Use this fantastic application to save mobile data and storage.


Overall, we covered all detailed information about Spotify Lite MOD APK. This is an excellent application with a lighter experience. Save the mobile data and storage size of the mobile. The developer regularly updates entertaining songs and artists’ songs. Continuously, the developer team is working on the song update. Every new song is available in the application with higher quality. Significantly faster and smooth functions will help to get an excellent user experience. Up to 85% has been minified from the main version. From the original version of the application, you need to unlock the premium version to listen to all songs. Use our MOD version to get the premium version for free. Download the latest MOD version form below the article available links.

Download Spotify Lite MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

AdGuard Premium v4.0.72 (Unlocked/no ads)
App Name AdGuard
Category Tools
Size 33 MB
Latest Version v4.0.72
Mod Info Premium Unlocked
Google Play Google_Paly_Store
Last Update January 25, 2022


Adguard Premium APK is a consistent application to block and eliminate unwanted ads on your Android device. AdGuard developed the application. Then this application is currently not available in Google Play Store. Don’t worry, because we provide the application for you. Due to some Play store policy violations, the application is currently not available. But the app developer continuously updates this application. Nowadays, Android and PC users increased day by day. Moreover, advertisements have also increased on any platform.

Adguard Premium APK gives Ad-block products for every PC and Android user. The app developer introduces this application for security purposes because a malicious ad appears in web browsers. Most of the website contains malicious advertisements and that will danger for you. With this application, use the advanced Ad-protection feature to block unwanted ads from your smartphone. Before some years, root your phone must need to block mobile ads. But you can use this application without rooting your smartphone. Follow simple steps to download and install the application to prevent form advertisements.

Adguard Premium APK application also provides a security feature for smartphones. Most of us start using a smartphone, and everyone’s work depends on smartphones. So the security is most important while using Android devices. When you start using untrusted websites, you can see the pop-up and face some advertisements. That pop-up ads have some malicious or malware. If you, unfortunately, click the pop-up ads, some stealers have the option to hack your mobile information. With Adguard Premium, you can defend all advertisements.

Remove web ads

Most of us start to find information on the web by using Google search. After enter to one search result website, annoying advertisements start to appear. Try Adguard Premium APK to eliminate the ads from the browsing websites. After activating the block ads feature from this application, the application starts detecting the advertisements on your smartphones. Most of the ads will affect your browsing performance and mobile performance. Many ads destruct smartphone performance.

Thanks to the developer for providing Adguard Premium APK to use. A beneficial application for everyone. The application also offers security features. It will allow great safeguard for your mobile. There are a lot of security applications available in the Google Play Store. But those are not perfectly working on every mobile. Additionally, that application needs rooting your mobile for use advanced features. With this application, you block malicious ads and malware without rooting your smartphone.

Favorite list

Adguard Premium APK provides a safelist option to everyone. Not all websites and all games are untrusted. If you know about one or your favorite website, you add the application to the allowlist. after adding to the allowlist, the application stops protecting safe listed websites. Users can able to add unlimited websites in the safelists. This feature mainly works on which site has an ad-block detector. Most of the website access needs to disable your ad blocker.


Adguard Premium APK comes with many advanced features like user needed. Users can filter the ad-protected websites and applications in the filter section. That section will explore the ad-block using websites and running Android applications. By using the filter option, the user can see the ad blocker using sites and ad block non-using sites. Also, this feature applies it on the Android applications. Some additional options also have appeared in the filters sections.

Apps management

After installing Adguard Premium APK on your smartphone, the application start detects all application. It will find out which apps have advertisements and how much data need for advertisement watching. In the apps management section, users can see the app process and the application performance. After using some application, then come this application to watch the performance. Users can see the blocked ads counts and saved data.

Protect your privacy

Most the application start collecting the user privacy data in the background. When you start to use the one unwanted application, that application starts to take the private data in the background. Also, many unwanted applications start working in the background without user permission. Adguard Premium APK finds out and monitors all traffic and background usages. Users can watch the all background process and one tap to stop the process. Also, users can stop the suspicious activity of unwanted application processes.

Adguard Premium APK protects smartphones in many ways. Most of the websites start use browser cookies for their marketing purpose. Every user activity is stored in web browser cookies, and that cookie will explore your activity. With the Adguard application, users can block the third-party cookies from the browsing time. Also, user can hide their IP address, and the user location has hidden. Without use, in the incognito mode, users can browse the internet content anonymously.

Save more data

Adguard Premium APK blocks unwanted activities and extra data usages. Most of us advertisements are used for showing advertisements. The app developer provides data save feature to this application inbuilt. Users never need to activate the data save feature. The app automatically stops the advertisements from saving your mobile data. Stop send unwanted data to the ads. Currently, the data save feature is only Available on web serving. Upcome years, the app developer introduced applications.

Parental controls

Adguard Premium APK provides a parental feature to all users. Nowadays, every child learns many things from the internet and attends online classes. Most of the classes attended in online classes. So not all time parents have watched the children performance. The app developer plans to launch this parental control feature. This feature will help to stop provide the 18+ websites and unwanted websites. When the parental control feature activates, restricted and trusted sites are only available on Google.


Overall, we covered all detailed information about Adguard Premium APK. This is helpful to the user can block unwanted advertisements from the internet. Also, it will block the application advertisements. After installing the application, it will start protecting your privacy. Best a safe guardian for every smartphone. Use this fantastic application to prevent annoying advertisements. Download the application below the article’s available links.

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